Like another SEO contest Busby SEO contest only have short time period, so the seo contest participant only get short time to optimize their website including on-page and off-page factor. The problem is if you get fast baclinks your website have risk into google sandbox, and if you get this problem your website will disaapear from google search result, this is nightmare for Busby SEO Test contestant.

So i will share some trick to rank your site faster with fast link building without getting trouble with google sandbox, remember your link must:

1. On a Web page that is hosted on a unique IP address.

2. Web page that itself has a unique, wholly independent set of backlinks.

3. Web page that is at least loosely relevant to your Web sites topic.

4. Created within a week.

To meet those criteria you can get fast backlinks from this source:

Directory Submission

There are 4 kinds of directories here: pay-for-inclusion, reciprocal required, free and niche directories. There are almost one thousand free SEO friendly general directories, a list of these and a submission service can be seen here. This is cheap way to get many low quality links. But your site will be indexed by search engine So, directory submission is also a part of link building and SEO.

But listings in these directories provide important link popularity benefits for a Web site. A link from a directory fits the four criteria we laid out aboveeach of these directories has a unique set of backlinks and is hosted on a unique IP, the sites URL will be placed on a topical page, and all of the directories review and add new submissions within a week.

British SEO

Article Submission

Write original and quality articles relevant to content of your website and submit it to top article directories. Most of article directories provide credit to author with their article, you can link your websites from authors resourcebox. Submit your article to.

Press Releases

Press Releases provide an opportunity to announce your Web site, and just as importantly, provide a backlink to your Web site from a relevant page (it had better be relevantafter all, its an article about your Web site!). A press release should be well-written and submitted to multiple newswires. In less than a week, it will be published on its own Web page by each newswire and possibly by the newswires syndication partners as well. The writer should be sure to include a link in the body of the press release in  format.

Remember to avoid spam and linkfarm technique to get fast backlinks into your site because even in first day you get number one position in seo contest in the next day google will know what you did and penaltize you website, and you will say goodbye to seo contest like Busby SEO Test Contest.

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